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The brief :

K1X is the first European basketball lifestyle brand to simultaneously emphasize on-court and off-court styles. For a German streetwear brand like K1X, it is difficult to have legitimacy in the eyes of people in the United States. The task was to make the brand known in the United States and show that a European brand can also influence basketball and streetwear culture.

The idea :

K1X is one of the sponsors for a Basketball tournament that takes places across the US ( New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Charlotte). The idea was to use this tournament as a showcase to promote the brand. and create a connection between Europe and the US around the brand. The aim was to bring together both European and US cultures by establishing a connection through the brand. 


The solution :

Creating an editorial project where the European street culture meets the American one. Distributing this magazine for free during the tournament.

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